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Precision in every drop!

nitrogen stabilised
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ALZON® liquid – Precision in every drop.

ALZON® liquid contains the mixture of urea nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen which is particularly advantageous for optimal plant nutrition. The brand quality of ALZON® liquid guarantees optimal plant compatibility. The nitrogen stabilisation reduces nitrogen losses to a minimum and guarantees secure yields. A straightforward and gentle application with common spray technology is just as much a matter of course as the possibilities for combination with plant protection agents, growth regulators and micro nutrients while observing the manufacturer’s instructions.

ALZON® liquid brings better performance with fewer crossings

LAF Cunnersdorf: Average values of static long-term test, 2 locations, 1994 to 2016; a total of 36 tests in different crops

Use the advantages of nitrogen stabilisation

Considerable advantages are gained through nitrogen stabilisation: Fewer part applications are required, application dates can be organized with more variety and nitrogen losses are minimized. If nothing else, the yields and qualities are noticeably improved when compared to customary liquid fertilisers.

Accuracy makes the difference

Spreading errors are stress on the nerves and they cost money. They are not initially perceptible up to a magnitude of 25 % but they can lead to noticeable loss of yield. Liquid fertilisers can display their strengths when accuracy is crucial. With ALZON® liquid it is easier to adhere to the distance requirements of the Fertilisation Ordinance. The very precise fertiliser application guarantees the full fertiliser quantity and thus yield right up to the edge. The reason for this is the small coefficient of variation for liquid fertilisation of an average of just 3.4 %.

ALZON® liquid – provision of nitrogen as required!

Potential nitrogen losses in the form of nitrate and nitrous oxide are reduced to a minimum by the use of ALZON® liquid. The N-fertiliser quantity can be reduced by 5 to 10 % for identical yields. This leads to a clear increase in N-efficiency and pressure on the N-balance is relieved sustainably. Combine the fertiliser applications and save work and time. This puts you on the safe side and the nitrogen is already at the root if it is dry.

Vorteil ALZON neo-N High yields and optimal harvest quality
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Application right to the edge and very good plant availability
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Economy of part applications and greater flexibility during application

It depends on the drop size.

For liquid fertilisation with nitrogen, a large proportion of the nutrients – 80 to 95 % – will be absorbed via the soil. Only 5 to 20 % of the N-uptake occurs via the leaf.

Coarse drops are the aim

The creation of coarse drops succeeds thanks to the use of anti-drift nozzles (ADN and IN nozzles) with a low spray pressure (approx. 2 bar). A coarse drop spectrum is thus achieved.

Special liquid fertiliser- (LF) or multi-hole nozzles should preferably be used under critical conditions in order to apply the liquid fertiliser in a “rain” formation even in large quantities.


The nozzle selection is decisive

ALZON® liquid can be applied evenly, with precise dosage and right up to the edge with customary plant protection technology. All nozzles are well suited for the start of spring growth or at sowing. The following applies for fertilisation in crop formations: The drops should be greater for more sensitive plants and the spray pressure should be lower. The choice of nozzle can have a decisive effect on the plant compatibility. We recommend injector, anti-drift or multi-hole nozzles from the second application in cereals or oilseed rape.

The use of drag hoses or pipes is recommended for later application and generally the time of ear emergence, for unfavorable weather conditions or in sensitive crops. The choice of nozzle must ensure the effectiveness of the combination partners for the combined use of ALZON® liquid, with plant protection agents in particular. Anti-drift nozzles or injector nozzles will preferably be considered here while taking heed of legal requirements.

Nitrogen stabilises.

The stabilisation of the nitrogen leads to particularly sustainable and efficient plant nutrition. The highly efficient nitrification inhibitors in  ALZON® liquid thereby delay the conversion of the nitrogen from stable ammonium into the mobile nitrate form by six to ten weeks. The stabilised nitrogen remains in the top soil area and is available to the plants in ammonium form at all times and protected against leaching into deeper soil layers. Earlier fertilisation dates and the possible combination of part applications, particularly for pre-summer dryness, ensures that sufficient nitrogen is always present in the root area and is available as required and at the correct time regardless of the weather. This results in high yields and good quality.

In the sense of the Fertilisation Ordinance, ALZON® liquid helps to reduce the risk of nitrate displacement and washout and also nitrous oxide emissions in the event of heavier precipitations. The nitrate displacement can be reduced by up to 50 %. Nitrous oxide emissions are even reduced by up to 75 %.

Advantages of the ALZON® liquid application

Vorteil ALZON neo-N Exact application right to the edge
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Average yield increase of 4 % when compared to UAN
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Increase in N-uptake of an average of 2 % when compared to UAN
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Improvement in N-efficiency and N-balances
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Advantages under critical weather conditions in particular
Vorteil ALZON neo-N N-quantity reduction for root crops, maize and rye possible
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Reduction of the Nmin-content in the soil following the harvest by 6 to 11 %
Vorteil ALZON neo-N Reduction of N-losses through N-displacement and output and also as a consequence of denitrification

ALZON® liquid – less work – more yield.

With ALZON® liquid you are making use of the advantages of liquid fertilisation in brand quality. In addition to the optimal product characteristics, the selection of the correct application technique in different fertilisation periods must also be given sufficient attention. The following fertilisation recommendation is based on the results of our applied research and

practical experience. You should adapt these to the local conditions and the plant requirement established in line with the Fertilisation Ordinance. If you have any questions concerning the appropriate use of ALZON® liquid you can contact our specialist advisers at any time or consult

ALZON® liquid product characteristics


Fertiliser type
Urea ammonium nitrate solution with nitrification inhibitor
(mixture of 1H-1,2,4 triazole and 3 methylpyrazole) 28
28 % N total nitrogen
    14 % N    urea nitrogen
    7 % N    nitrate nitrogen
    7 % N    ammonium nitrogen

Technical data
Density (at 20 °C): 1,28 g/cm³
pH value: 6 – 7
Start of crystallization: -22 °C
Colour: Blue
Biuret content: max. 0,5 %
Dynamic viscosity (at 20 °C): 3,63 mPas



ALZON® liquid Brochure for download as PDF | 6.504kB

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